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The London Essence Ginger Ale 200ml NRB Glass Bottle (24 Pack)

Pack size: 24 x 200ML
Price Marked: No
VAT: 20%


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With its sweetly sparkling finish, this aperitif is just as delicious unmixed as when paired with a top-tier spirit. The artfully composed layers of our Delicate Ginger Ale include a soft liquorice flavour, which is derived from distilled anise essence, to deliver a superbly rounded and adaptable taste profile. We Recommend Mixing with a premium Irish whisky for a super smooth blend, or for a more contemporary take, try with cognac. As for garnish, lime zest will contrast beautifully with the gentle sweetness of Delicate Ginger Ale, but for a more festive flavour, add a star anise.





Sparkling Water
Pure Fructose
Flavourings (Natural Ginger Flavourings, Natural Flavourings, Aniseed Distillate)
Acid (Citric Acid)
Natural Colour (Plain Caramel)

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