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Stella Artois Unfiltered 330ml NRB (24 Pack)

Belgium | Golden | ABV 5%
Pack size: 24 x 24X330ML
Price Marked: No
VAT: 20%


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Summary:​ Introducing Stella Artois Unfiltered Lager. ​​5% ABV Naturally Unfiltered for a more flavourful taste. ​​ ​Description:​ Our Belgian brewmasters honour the brewing methods of the past to create this unfiltered premium lager. The absence of filtration allows the fresh flavours of malt, Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria hops to burst through for a naturally flavourful taste. ​ ​A naturally crisp and vibrant taste profile is encapsulated within this hazy, golden lager. It delivers malty notes and smooth refreshing finish. Perfectly complemented by a pleasant round, fruity hop aroma, with hints of ripe pineapple in background.​ ​Style:​ Unfiltered premium lager​ ​What is unfiltered lager?:​ Bypassing filtration is a more natural way of brewing, less processing allows for a more flavourful beer. This beer is slightly more hazy because the beer has been able to retain more of its natural goodness.​​ ​As this is a natural product, some sedimentation may occur on the bottom of the bottle. If this happens, please turn the bottle upside down once to release the sediment.​ ​#StellaArtois #NewStellaUnfiltered #Unfilteredlager​​





Barley Malt
Yeast [Extract]

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