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The London Essence Ginger Beer 200ml NRB Glass Bottle (24 Pack)

Pack size: 24 x 200ML
Price Marked: No
VAT: 20%


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Our Spiced Ginger Beer is a refreshing, invigorating drink, perfectly sparkling and featuring several distinct layers of flavour. With three variants of ginger present, you'll enjoy the freshness of ginger juice, the spice of ginger extract and a ginger distillate for that deliciously fragrant top note. This rich, full-bodied flavour is complemented by the subtle fruitiness of blackcurrant derived from Brewers Gold Hops, resulting in a sweet, warming and well-rounded taste profile. We Recommend Our Spiced Ginger Beer stands up spectacularly well when served alone, but can also be paired with premium whisky or dark rum for a classic cocktail.





Sparkling Water
Pure Fructose
Flavourings (Natural Ginger and Chilli Flavourings with other Natural Flavourings, Ginger and Hop Distillates)
Acid (Citric Acid)
Natural Colour (Carotenes)

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