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H.B. Clark of Wakefield have been brewing and wholesaling beer since 1906.

With 11 depots distributing from the Midlands to the Scottish borders, we are now the largest independent wholesaler in the UK.

Constant year on year growth has seen us increase our market share considerably at the expense of our competitors.

We are now offering 2 permanent cask ales in the Merrie City Craft Beers range alongside 2 permanent cask ales in the Clark’s ale range, with monthly specials, to confirm our commitment to playing a part in the ever growing cask ale market.

For more details on cask ales please contact our Cask Ale Manager.


Merrie City Craft Beer Range

Merrie City Craft Beer RangeIn response to an ever-changing marketplace, in September 2014 we launched a new craft cask ale range to further emphasise the handcrafted brewing process that has been used to produce our fine, award winning ales for over 100 years.

Merrie City Craft Beers have been formed to enable us to supply customers with a range of premium branded craft cask ales, with particular attention to new styles and hop mixes that the modern day drinker is now demanding.

Wakefield was dubbed the Merrie City in medieval times and we have decided it was an ideal, quirky name to use for our new range whilst not forgetting our roots.


Our Range of Craft Cask Ales

Atlantic HopATLANTIC HOP 4.0% ABV

This was our first offering under this Craft Cask ale range.

American hops are currently extremely sought after to satisfy the growing demands from UK brewers and drinkers.

We have managed to secure stocks of the popular Amarillo hop from across the water and have mixed it with the ever-reliable British Bramling Cross hop to form this fantastic new session craft cask ale.

The pale amber craft ale has a fresh, citrus aroma and a tropical, fruity taste, whilst the unique blend of hops leave a bitter-sweet aftertaste on the tongue.


Crystal GoldCRYSTAL GOLD 4.2% ABV

With the ongoing success of this range, in Autumn 2015 we launched Merrie City Crystal Gold 4.2%.

This, for the first time, is a single hop ale, using the reliable Crystal hop from the USA that we have secured stocks of.

It is a deep golden ale that has a tangy, orange aroma with a full bodied, warming, fruity taste – like it’s 2 sister ales, perfect for all year round!




• Winner of the silver award in the "Golden Ale" category at the March 2012 Rotherham Beer Festival.

• Clark's best selling ale for the last 12 years.

• Voted "Champion Beer" at Barnsley Beer Festival 2001 and South Devon 2002.

• Pale, straw colour, fruity aroma with light spicy taste

Your local Sales Executive will discuss current pricing for all of our cask ales.

As with most Microbrewers, we welcome the opportunity for our ales to reach all corners of the UK via trading deals with other:

• Microbrewers • National Brewers
• National Wholesalers • National Pub Groups

For further information please contact Jeff Hempsall, our Cask Ale Sales Manager.


In addition to our core range, Clark's appreciate that variation is important and our monthly seasonal ales have proved popular.


4.0% ABV

  • Chestnut
  • Fruit aroma
  • Smooth, malty finish

4.0% ABV

  • Amber
  • Malty aroma
  • Biscuit, full bodied taste

4.0% ABV

  • Light gold
  • Floral aroma
  • Clean, crisp taste

4.0% ABV

  • Straw
  • Hoppy aroma
  • Refreshing, fruity taste


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